Frankie’s Snapshot

Frankie, his car and his dog

When I asked him if I could make a portrait of him Frankie, the subject of the previous post, was dubious but after a long and thoughtful pause, he agreed.

The inside of his workshop is a fantastic cavern of spare parts. None of this “just in time” nonsense for Frankie. His small desk is just off to one side of his hydraulic hoist, but the natural light coming though the garage door was interesting and was augmented by fluorescent tubes. I took a few frames closer to the hoist in better light but he was obviously uncomfortable there as it was in the area where his mates usually gathered, so we moved to his desk where he always held court.

20150307-175After I had finished shooting I showed him the pictures on the screen of my camera and he seemed happy with them. I said I would post him a copy of the best one. Frankie does not use a computer so I couldn’t email it to him.

He then asked if I could photograph him and his car. We went outside and he stood by the car and called his dog over to be in the picture. Maybe it was his strategy all along.


  1. Finally managed to get into your new Blog site David – the idea is different from your web site – what’s the difference and motivation with this site ?