The purpose of┬áthis blog is to show the pictures I have been taking recently together with any thoughts and comments on things related to my photography – or indeed any other person’s photography.

It is also to showcase the rather large collection of photographs that I have made over many years.

I am one of those people who was given a 620 Box Brownie at age 11 and have been passionate about photography ever since. I shot colour slides at age 16 on a Voigtlander Vito II. As I got older I eventually saved up for a Pentax Spotmatic, processed my own colour slide film, built a darkroom in the backyard and printed black and white and ultimately Type C colour prints.

My profession was surveying but I paid for my amateur photography by selling prints. When the organisation I worked for was split up in the mid-1990s, I made a decision to become a full-time professional photographer .

I am now retired and take pictures for myself again, hoping to regain my amateur status.

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