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Pictures of people that show something of the character and personality of the subject

The Dingley Village Men’s Shed

It was election day. The smell of the sausage sizzle came wafting through the polling booth at the Dingley Community Centre Hall. Naturally I had to have one. A barbeque had been set up immediately outside the booth exit and it seemed that no one could escape.  I must say it was a rather over … Continue reading The Dingley Village Men’s Shed

A Week In New York

Lyn and I spent a week in New York each armed with a seven-day subway ticket and a New York Pass for five attractions. We visited the Met, the Natural History museum, the Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art; sauntered through Central Park and had a picnic; hired bikes and rode over the Brooklyn … Continue reading A Week In New York

Over Four Decades Ago

While searching for images to run as a slideshow for our 50th wedding anniversary this month I found a number of black and white pictures. They are of my three sons who are all grown men now.

Some of these images are from negatives that I had lost years ago and have just rediscovered. I notice that there are not many pictures of Martin and Paul when they were very young and lots of Michael. This was because I only shot colour slides during the early part of their lives.

In those days husbands were kept well away from the delivery process and it was only with Michael that I was allowed to photograph his birth.


Limestone Coast and Pink Lakes

  Camping It was the feral bees swarming around water we had left in a dish that caused us pack up and hastily leave the Pink Lakes some years ago and they did it again this time. Keeping them out of the car while we were packing and not getting stung was a very necessary … Continue reading Limestone Coast and Pink Lakes

Wet Forests and Rainforests

Lyn and I recently visited the Tarra-Bulga and Mitchell River National Parks. We found a rather delightful camping park called the Tarra Valley Caravan Park “Fernholme”, surrounded by tall eucalypts and tree ferns. We walked up the road beside the Tarra River from the caravan park and came across the studio of an artist called … Continue reading Wet Forests and Rainforests