Cotters Beach

Situated at the northern part of Wilsons Promontory is Cotters Beach. When we went there a few weeks ago the beach was deserted except for a couple about 1 km away. The light was very overcast and dull. It is the kind of light I usually avoid for photography, but there was an eerie, foreboding feel to it.

We walked down the beach to an outcrop of rock. There was an extremely low tide and the coral on the rocks was well exposed. I made a number of pictures of the rocks and coral as well as the deserted beach, trying to capture the feel of the pervading atmosphere.

Later, when processing the images in Lightroom I realised the existing colour did nothing for the pictures so I converted them to black and white, but they still looked awful. There was a big problem with the lack of contrast caused by the very dull, flat lighting. I processed them further in Photoshop mostly using the ACLE (A Local Contrast Enhancer) plugin. This fortunately solved the contrast problem and brought out the perturbing ambiance.

Eerie beach

Eerie beach

Rock pool

There were no contrast difficulties here when I took this photo of Lyn through a tunnel in the rock.

Lyn at Cotters Beach