This is a series of galleries showing the work of David Ellis.


Light snow, Mt. Hotham                                      The Grampians National Park                                     Cloudscape, near Beechworth                                     Evening Clouds, Sandringham                                      Rocks, Whiskey Bay                                       Receding rocks, Croajingalong NP                                      Beach sunrise, Croajingalong NP                                     Misty morning, Wingan Inlet                                     Kennett River Beach                                      Artistic Mowing, Dingley                                     Afternoon games, Wandiligong                                      Burning off, Bright



I have been photographing people in their environment for many years. These pictures are a few of the male portraits that I have made.

Mostly Women

While the previous set of photographs are of men often at their place of work, this set is mostly of females and mostly informal street photography with a few posed portraits.


Greek Islands

Some images from Mykonos, Santorini, Crete and Rhodes.


We have visited France several times since 1990. These images are a few of my older favourites.

Mount Buffalo, Victoria, Australia

One of my favourite places is Mt. Buffalo in Victoria. The best time of day for me is dawn. This means getting up early and driving to the mountain top, then walking out to where I might get some pictures if the light cooperates. It often doesn’t and I drive down the mountain disappointed, but when it does the results can be stunning.

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