This is a series of galleries showing the work of David Ellis.


Top End

In 2005 we made a trip up the centre of Australia, across to the Kimberlies, down the Western Australian Coast and back home across the Nullarbour Plain.


The top end of Australia is spectacular, but Victoria has some special landscapes too.

Black and White

Mostly black and white landscapes



I have been photographing people in their environment for many years. These pictures are a few of the male portraits that I have made.

Mostly Women

While the previous set of photographs are of men often at their place of work, this set is mostly of females and mostly informal street photography with a few posed portraits.


Plumant des poules, Souillac 1990
L’Ouvrier, La Défense 2002
Les Experts, Paris 1990
Les amants, Paris 1990
Le Louvre 1990
La Mode, Paris 2002
Basilique Ste-Madeleine, Vézelay
Citroën 2CV, Vézelay
Marché, Place Maubert
La Boulangerie, Paris 2007
Femme, Rue de Vaugirard
Guitariste, au bord la Seine
Vélo, Palais Royal
Des Arbres

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