Limestone Coast and Pink Lakes



It was the feral bees swarming around water we had left in a dish that caused us pack up and hastily leave the Pink Lakes some years ago and they did it again this time. Keeping them out of the car while we were packing and not getting stung was a very necessary skill.

Camp at Pink Lakes

Lyn and I have been at it again – camping and photographing that is. It was a short trip via Port Fairy to South Australia, along the Limestone Coast to the Coorong and then north to the Pink lakes in the Murray-Sunset National Park via Coonawarra to check out the Cabernet Sauvignons.

The Port Fairy and the Limestone Coast



The weather in the early part of the trip was less than ideal for camping and hopeless for landscape photography, but I have included a couple of shots taken around Port Fairy. At Beachport (SA) the wind was very strong. Any crayfish boat that had ventured out came rushing in to port. There was nothing left to do but go to the pub. Fortunately there was a jam session going on. Anyone who could play an instrument or sing could join in. The main backing musicians were old guys about our age and very skilled. They could play anything. It was good fun.



I had used Google Earth to research the Limestone coast and identified an area of rocky cliffs around Nora Creina in South Australia that seemed to be the most likely location for coastal landscapes. Nora Creina itself is just a cluster of seaside shacks. It is easy to understand why they are there when you see the spectacular craggy coastline.





The Pink Lakes

Fortunately the weather was good at the Pink Lakes for early morning and evening photography and we got some good images of the dry salt lakes with the timber ramps they used to use to harvest the salt. They look more magical at sunrise and sunset when the salt pans look like snow or Antarctic sea ice. During the day from a distance the Pink Lakes look for all the world like an oasis of cool water and indeed a group of new arrivals at the camp ground asked us if we had been for a swim. Unfortunately for them you can walk across these lakes.