The Dingley Village Men’s Shed

It was election day. The smell of the sausage sizzle came wafting through the polling booth at the Dingley Community Centre Hall. Naturally I had to have one. A barbeque had been set up immediately outside the booth exit and it seemed that no one could escape.  I must say it was a rather over staffed barbie with a lot of seemingly retired blokes selling sausages in bread with fried onions, talking to the voters and generally having a good time.

I knew a couple of fellows and said hello and was immediately handed a brochure about the Dingley Village Men’s Shed. The brochure mentioned a Bike Riding Group which interested me.

I prevaricated a little, before going to a meeting to see if I would like it. I joined, eventually becoming involved with the Committee and the Photographic Group as well as the Bike Riding Group.

This Shed is unique in that it is within the nearby Parks Victoria Braeside Park. Parks Victoria is our landlord. We pay only a “peppercorn” rent, but the Shed does quite a bit of work on picnic tables, seats and viewing platforms in this park and others in the vicinity. We have a good relationship with the Head Ranger and all parties are very happy with this arrangement.

Most of the members are retired and want to pursue hobbies and interests or just enjoy having some like-minded mates to talk to. Doing something of value to the local community is important to many.

Recently the Shed made 40 koala boxes for Parks Victoria. The boxes are for transporting koalas from an eaten-out area to a new location. We also make other things for community organisations.