The Maritime Provinces

Driving from Bar Harbor to Prince Edward Island we were bombarded with high winds and heavy rain. In Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island’s capital we escaped the weather by taking refuge at a community theatre performing the musical “Anne and Gilbert”. It was an excellent production and a great introduction to “Anne of Green Gables” country.

Because of the weather, we were reduced to a single day of sightseeing time. We started off driving around the perimeter of the eastern end of the island, looking for pictures. By accident we came across New Harmony Road which has been left unmade, and features a spectacular canopy of American Elms in an area known as “The Glen”.  We are dreaming of a return trip to explore this charming island.

On our return journey to Nova Scotia across the incredibly long Confederation Bridge we could appreciate its engineering as the first trip across was obscured by rain. We were on our way to the very picturesque Baddeck on Cape Breton Island with its old lighthouse and wharves.

We drove around the Cabot Trail, finding images in coastal fishing towns, but once again realising that we did not allow enough time to properly explore the island.

The next stop was Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia. The province is much bigger than we realised and we didn’t see all of it. We must go back for a serious look.

We dutifully turned up a Peggies Cove a very touristy place and took the routine pictures in the middle of the day. They were rather dull and we went off to visit Lunenburg, which was a cod fishing centre before the cod were fished out. The town was interesting because of its fishing history, but we found the intriguing streetscape marred by ugly cables. As we returned to Halifax we saw that the sunset was going to be interesting so we went back to Peggies Cove just before sunset. With the sun disappearing, there was no time for a tripod. Because we had been there earlier in the day I knew what I wanted, so I just set the ISO high and shot very quickly as the sun disappeared.

And then there was the long two-day drive to JFK airport and an even longer flight home.

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