Our Shed Activities

it This winter I have been photographing the activities in our Shed – the Dingley Village Men’s Shed. I wanted to show the bonhomie of men in retirement and that it is an enjoyable and busy stage in life. I chose an old worn tarpaulin that still has a bit of life left in it as a backdrop. A bit like us really.

The Shed exists for men to pursue hobbies and interests and to pursue friendships and camaraderie. Most of our members are in their seventies and eighties and have retired from a wide range of professions and trades. They are interested in traditional Men’s Shed activities such as woodwork, but also in bike riding and maintenance, metalwork, art, music, photography, snooker, car and mower maintenance.

For fund-raising we run raffles, manage the parking at the local Farmer’s Market and sell renovated bicycles. We make picnic tables and seats and undertake various voluntary tasks for our Regional Parks.

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Over Four Decades Ago

While searching for images to run as a slideshow for our 50th wedding anniversary this month I found a number of black and white pictures. They are of my three sons who are all grown men now.

Some of these images are from negatives that I had lost years ago and have just rediscovered. I notice that there are not many pictures of Martin and Paul when they were very young and lots of Michael. This was because I only shot colour slides during the early part of their lives.

In those days husbands were kept well away from the delivery process and it was only with Michael that I was allowed to photograph his birth.