Vroom, Vroom…

Throbbing V8 motors, glowing primary colours, immaculate chromium that reflects the sky and clouds, hundreds of exotic vehicles packed in around the town’s clock tower lining each side of Ireland and Anderson Streets. It’s the annual hot-rod rally at Bright, Victoria. The cars range from early roadsters and touring cars, through to 1960’s Cadillacs that have been so lowered they barely clear the road. They sport bizarre wheels and even more exotic engine enhancements and interior embellishments.

Hoods and boot lids are raised so the spectators, craning over the cars so as not to touch the paint jobs, can marvel at the impeccable work that has gone into each vehicle. Not a speck of dust inside, the motors glow with new paint, gleaming chrome, spotless belts, tubing and cables. Proud owners answer questions as they stand by and watch over their pride-and-joys, cars that they have re-created with countless hours of work and tender loving care.

In the evening the cars will muster in the vast fire-refuge area beside the footy ground. A big marquee has been erected on the netball court and a band will play country and western – both types of music.

I am not really interested in cars so much, but the whole effect is visually fascinating to me. I wander from car to car photographing. I decide not to photograph the people because the light is too harsh but concentrate on details as the shadows are adding impact.

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Wheel Reflections

Ford Roadster Door

Spectacular Engine



Motor Reflections


Go Faster